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or you could go to the movies, go to the bathroom, and buy them im those machines... LOL, jk... just go to a pharmacy, or some store and buy them... they wont remember you, they see about 500 people a day, and they wont remember the one kid that went and bought some comdoms, because he didnt want to get prengtant his girl

im lucky enough to live in a country where they seel almost anything to kids... here, people really dont care if kids smoke... well, they dont sell them to 10 y-o, but they start selling them to 15 y-o... so if i go to a drug store, and buy some comdoms they wont really look at me wrong...

also remember that most people know by a fact/experience that most people do sex when they are teenagers, so its not wrong not trying to get pregnant your girlfriend... just go for it!!

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