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for all ur muscle pains, i think ur growing at a rapid pace and this contributes to them. also u said u lift weights, i think u need to start stretching more. ive noticed when i use my leg muscles alot, a while afterwards they feel weird and when i try to sleep the kinda spasm. u need to stretch everything out and its good for them/prevents injury and leaves them w/ a refreshing feeling. ur testicle pain could be due to testicular growth, though it tends to be around ur age (im guessing ur 13 or 14) that testicular growth is coming to an end, but ive read that random pains once in a while are a usual and commmon thing for puberty. you could also have blueballs (prolonged sexual arousal w/o ejaculation so the testicles can swell or become painful due to it) so u can ejaculate to releive that. if ur worried about different parts of ur body getting blood and oxygen i think u should focus more on cardio type workouts such as swimming, running, biking or just good ol walking for a while. that helps ur heart and will definitaly get blood and oxygen flowing throughout ur body. also if u do workouts on a regular basis it will make u tired and will make it much easier to fall asleeep at night,at least it helps me alot during the school year. hope u feel better is offline