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Default Re: Stupid Terrorists!

It did effect us
just like Columbine has and still does effect every school in North America

Now there was an attempted attack on my country
my home
my people
just a few weeks ago
it could have killed hundreds if not thousands
think befor you speak

Oklahoma was a trajic event
but it pails in comparison to 9-11
9-11 was our generations pearl harbour
a sucker punch out of the blue
a direct act of war

THOUSANDS of innocent people died that day
The twin towers were destroyed completly
one of the most secure buildings on the planet had a HUGE hole blown clean through
and if it wasent for the VERY brave passengers on flight United-93 it would have been even worse

Thats not something one just forgets
and although I agree with you not allll muslims are bad
recent events have shown that there reputation does have some basis
that unfortunatly has been PROVEN time and time again

9-11 Tribute

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