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Default Tears of the Wind

K so i wrote a short story based off of a dream i had...and every detail in my dream is in this still trying to remember some of the things that put them in the story but tell me wut u think k?

The landscape is rough. Cliffs dominate the sand valley. Two American snipers in the marines lay there...waiting....for someone to come into range. They were within 200 feet of eachother. Finally a squad of trucks came up at about three miles away. They let out several Iraqi troops. By nightfall they had a camp set up and the snipers , Brennen and Matt, have had their targets scoped out all day. The time came. A loud crack echoed the canyon valley. Brennens target was down. Blood was everywhere. The other troops scrambled for safety in fear of being shot. Another loud crack echoed the canyon. Matt had his target down. Then a bullet wizzed by and hit within 150 feet of Brennen...after the bullet hit the ground there was a loud echo in the canyon. It was a full out sniper war. Matt found the enemy sniper. Unfortunately the enemy had gotten a hold of the largest sniper rifle in the entire arsenal....the .50 caliber.

A loud crack echoed the canyon again. Matts bullet came within one foot of the enemy sniper. The enemy fired again. This time hitting Brennen in the spine killing him instantly.

When Matt returned home....Brennens mom was expecting to see her son...but not in a coffin. She clapped her hands over her mouth and started crying.

At the funeral every single one of Brennens 8th grade classmates went. Some of them were dressed in a larger version of their 8th grade graduation outift. 8 Marines including matt were dressed in their marine uniforms and did the color gaurd...and did the marksman drill. During the marksman drill..the white rifles where fired off. A tear streamed down matts face while the loud crack of the rifles went off. Then, Jessie, came up to Matt.

"What happened?" she said with tears in her eyes.
"He was shot."
"Did he feel anything?" she asked.
"No. It was instant."
"Why did you do it?"
"Do what?"
"Talk him into the marines!!!" she screamed with tears in her eyes.
"I didn't. It was his choice. I made the decision to go in before he did. He was my best friend. You don't know what it was walk over the next day and wake him up...and see he is dead." She started crying harder and harder. She threw her arms around his neck and started crying on his shoulder.

Then Katie came up to him.
"I'm so sorry....I...I really am....I just wanted to tell you. But why did you decide to go into the marines?"she stuttered. Jessie was still crying on his shoulder.

"Because I wanted to serve my country. I geuss he wanted to do the same. I just didn't know it was going to end like this. I...I...I really am...just upset...that this happened...I didn't mean for it....and niether did he...." He started crying again. He put his arms around Jessie. she was still hugging him. He knew she felt bad for him...he hugged her tightly...she did the same. Katie walked over to both of them and hugged both of them.
A few minutes later Matt got up at the podium. Jessie, Katie, and all the others were sitting in the front row.

"i want to make a few words on brennen. I never convinced him to go into the Marines. he followed me in. But regardless of his ranking..or his accuracy with a sniper rifle...he was a great human being. I remember at a barbeque..we had in the summer once..we invited a whole bunch of people and had an airsoft party...we did this thing called blessings. We would name the good qualities each person had. I cant recall what blessings he had..but what i can recall is they were good. Through out high school...brennen and i were like brothers....we were practically inseperable...that is until Jessie came into my life again and i would hang out with her more than him...which lasted for enough time. The President has asked me to award Brennen with the Medal of Honor. I am going to right now."

Then six more Marines came through the aisle of the chairs. They were in uniform. Three of them went on the right side of the aisle and the left side of the aisle. They all had swords in their scabbards...and a white rifle in their arms.

He took the medal...and placed it around brennens neck. Brennen was in his uniform...just like all the others.

"If anyone else wants to say something about brennen or come and say goodbye to him then please do. Wait no..not goodbye...see you soon. Goodbye is forever...we will see him again...not in flesh...but in soul." Jessie, Katie, and all of the 8th grade girls came up to Brennen and took one last look. Some even stopped by matt who at the time was on his knees crying...and hugged him. Lauren..who had fallen in love with him once or twice even kissed him on the cheek and walked by. Hours after the funeral...Matt stayed kneeling at that same grave. On the headstone there was a picture of him in 8th grade and of him as an adult. Then he stood up...and saluted the grave. Jessie showed up again...still crying. She had walked the entire way.

The next day, he went to see Mrs. Reed (brennens mom). He walked into the house and saw her sitting on the couch with a photo album in her hands. In it there were picutres of Jake, Brennen, Matt, and Ryan during Graudation, airsofting, birthdays..ect.

"Mrs. Reed...are you ok?" She got up and hugged him. On the table next to her was a picture of Brennen during 8th grade graudtion.

"Yes. Please...have a seat." He did. then she went upstairs into Brennens old room...and brought something out wrapped in sheets. "Brennen would have wanted you to have this." She unwrapped it and in it was his old M324 airsoft sniper rifle. Matt rubbed his hands on it...then started crying. Another door bell. It was Jessie and Katie. They came in...amd saw Matt sitting on the couch crying over a airsoft sniper rifle. They walked over and rested their heads on his shoulders...and just stared at the rifle. A few minutes later...Matt stood up.

"Mrs. Reed...thank you. Brennen was like a brother to me. I am going to put this in a glass rifle case. It wont be mistreated. " He sat back down...and wrapped the gun in the cloth again.

A year later Matt was still grieving the loss of his brother. When he was loading up his rifles getting ready to leave...Jessie came into the room. Tears were streaming down her face. Matt knew she was there and he stopped and turned around.
“Why do you have to go?” she asked.
“It’s my duty.”
“No it’s not!! Your duty is here to your friends and family!! You can’t go!! I know I neglected you when we were younger but that doesn’t change anything!! I’m sorry!! Your duty is not there!! It’s here!! Please stay!!”
“I can’t,” he said looking down.
“Your duty is to me. I want you to stay.”
“Why do you now accept this?”
“Because I realize if you go...this is the last time I could see you and it’s the only chance I have.” She tried walking to him but ended up spilling a box of bullets. He turned around and finished loading the guns. “I just want you to have this if you do go.” she said. She held out a piece of paper. He took the paper out of her hands and shoved it in his BDU jacket pocket. She was on her knees on the ground and was crying. Then he stopped..turned around...and looked at her.

“Jessie, I know how hard it is for you. I’m sorry. I love you to.”

She stood up and ran to him. She wrapped her arms around him and cried on his shoulder. He hugged her back. Then she stopped as he left the house leaving her in it. On the plane to Iraq...he opened the letter and started reading through it. It read:

i know you saw right through me. The most important things are the hardest things to say. I know that for sure. It seems when we finally want to say the most important thing...the person dies. you are a marine. You are going back to war. And i have to say this before i my chance has gone. I love you. I always have loved you. ever since we first met. I just had a hard time accepting it becuase i was afraid of what my friends would think of me for going out with you. I love you so much. If i could follow you into war i would but you wouldn't let me because you were afraid i would get hurt. Just goes to show you love me to. I just thought you should know this before you go to war. The chances of dying is very large out there now. I wanted you to know. I love you. But your a great marine...and an even better sniper. Trust me i've seen you shoot at the range down in aurora. you never missed with a rifle...and still dont. I remember you trying to teach me how to shoot a rifle...i got knocked right off my feet. So we went to a small .22 to start with. Your love is more accurate than your shot, and it is stronger than your guns. You have a great shot...but i think you would make an even better boyfriend.
With much love,

Matt died with that piece of paper in his hands. He also died with the last words Brennen had said to him. “One shot is all you need. I may need two.”

I know some parts are cheesy...but im just basing a story off of a dream i had that scared me........cuz it all involved some of my friends and i was worried bout the future and stuff....but dont critisize me on that theory....if any it on the story.

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