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Default Re: Importance of Sex

Originally Posted by TheWizard
Sex is the meaning of life.
Fuckin A!

The need for acceptance for compasion and understanding
the need to be loved
is a basic human desire, right and necesity
Through out alllll of history there have been two constants that every society has been based on
Sex and war
life and death
yin and yang

Humans don't have many instincts
were born to soon
That dosent mean were devoid of any
Sex is vital both the social aspects and the biological need
Its at the very core of being human
Its permeated through out all of humanitys history, it has been the driving force, the insperation to create beautiful works of art
The after effects the need to protect a child at any costs is the basis of compasion

When you look at modern day society
Teens are having sex at a younger and younger age then we used to in RECENT history
THats because A were entering puberty at a MUCH younger age then we used to
the social aspects and the desire to explore
And the day to day shit we deal with
In short were growing up faster then we used to

Now i'm 18 and I still havent had sex
I'm a virgin by choice I havent met the right girl
I'm waiting to meet the girl that'll make my depression fade
that'll wash the blood away

Until then
i'm content to wait


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