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Originally Posted by notanorchestra View Post
What I meant was to ask was "what was before the Big Bang?" "What matter was alive, and evolved into life such as ourself?" These questions are both unanswered by either theory. Now, there could be some higher power that created all of this, but I have not found any convincing evidence to act as proof. Even if there is some high power, I have to wonder, what created it?
The First Cause: what made the very first god? The same begins to apply for the Big Bang: the Big Crunch explains there were previous big bangs but leads to the same question as the first cause. A different theory which scientists are favouring is String Theory and M-Theory, so you may want to begin to include those.

Originally Posted by notanorchestra View Post
I recognize that both the theories of evolution and the Big Bang theory explain completely different things, but they are what I see most religous fanatics freak out about, so that is what I am discussing.
If you know evolutionary theory does not pertain to this discussion at all, then the point you've proven is those religious fanatics don't know what it is they're against. No sense in continuing to use it because it makes you look like you haven't a clue what you're talking about.

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