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Default Re: How to tell if he likes me

Originally Posted by the_hope_house
I don't want to show off my skin. If I dress provocitavely, all he'll notice is my body, when I really want him to notice me, the person underneath all of that. But thanks for the other advice.
I know that you want him to notice your personatility, but coming from a guy, i can tell you that guys almost always notice looks before personality. when a guy thinks a girl is hot, he will usually go from there. as a guy, i almost always notice body before personality. but thats just me, some guys dont care about looks. if you know he is the kind of guy that cares about looks though, i can tell you it would be really hard to get anywhere without wearing attractive clothing, nice hair, etc... (all of which i'm sure you have ) You dont even have to wear some provactive, "slut suit," just something that looks good and you feel comftorable in. and trust me, if he really likes you, he will make an effort to find what kind of a person you are no matter what you look like. if you need anymore advice you can PM me. hope i helped and good luck
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