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This is what I posted in the Things That Help In Life Thread in my diary But I killed it with insecticide -_-

Can't sleep?

I take Melatonin if I can't sleep. It can be bought at any Wal-Mart, just make sure it's the 3 mg, not the 3mcg (this one's for small kids that can't sleep). Melatonin is a natural hormone your body produces to help you sleep. Science has invented a way (of course) to put melatonin in pill form. Take these on a regular basis, such as if you take it at 10:00 PM then you should relax, listen to some calming music or just lay back, or walk slowly while finishing some chores. You should be sleepy 30 minutes to an hour. Keep doing this on a regular basis for 3 weeks and you should be able to quit the melatonin cold turkey and have nice sleepy nights

Also, when I'm laying in the bed, sometimes I think of something, such a paddle ball and just visualise and keep that sound in my mind. Start the sound, and let it go however fast or slow you want it to. I hear this sound and it calms me down. It echos through my head...try it

I forgot to add masturbation to the mix! Masturbation gives you a healthy workout and it can help prevent prostate cancer. You use up so much energy that well you get tried
EDIT: Oh gosh, I almost forgot! Turkey has a something in it called trip-tu-pan (I think that's how it's spelled). It makes you drowsey (very) and my mom and me always ate turkey in the morning of Thanksgiving and couldn't finish the day. A month ago, I figured out why it was always Thanksgiving dinner!

As for the other things, it is probably growing pains and blue balls. Nothing to worry about Try to relax after you workout. I constantly have problems with my sholders due to playing the violin. You could get a massege, I'm sure it really helps

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