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Default Importance of Sex

Over the past century, sex has grown from a hush-hush touchy subject to being routinely put into movies, TV shows, and many other things. People are always worried about how well they put out in bed, and society puts out messages that sex is the greatest thing in the world, that it is better than anything else. Nowadays, it seems to be more of a source of hazard than a source of happiness. So many people are infected with STDs like Herpes and AIDS. The sick thing that bothers me about people with Herpes are those Valtrax (or whatever) commercials, where the people are so horny that they have to keep on having sex, even after contracting an uncurable STD. Who wants to openly admit to being that irresponsible? People also use pregnancies - and even fake pregnancies - to technically steal money off of people.

Personally, I have sex on the very bottom of my to-do list. In the definition of overrated, there's a second definition that says "2. Sex". I think of sex as something to share with someone you really, really love (meaning I could have one of those "love at first sight" revelations, if we totally hit it off the first night), and something that shouldn't be treated as casual. I know so many people in the world today who believe in the exact opposite, which curbs me to believe that with my very traditional beliefs of hating casual sex, that I probably won't get a girlfriend anyways. I want to chit and chat and get to know the other person, and make sure they're right.

What are some thoughts you people have on the importance of sex?

PS: I'm not saying sex it bad, I'm just saying I think it's overrated, and seen as too important to the whole world.

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