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Default Growing pains?

Hey, I haven't posted in a long while, but lately I've been in a lot of pain, like sort of sore muscle pain, and my testicles have been sore as well. Sometimes it feels like I'm teething or something in my lower jaw, or my arms and legs will feel very sore, and mostly often of them all, my balls will be sore, unless I jack off. My teeth and jaw could hurt, because I used to grit my teeth all the time, and I've stopped, so it could just be my jaw and teeth wanting to be grit. I do lift weights, and I think that my arms may get sore if I don't lift, because my muscles want the oxygen that they get when they lift. My legs probably hurt because I have them in weird positions when I sit all day. My testicles still really hurt, but I'm not getting blood in my urine or semen, so I'm wondering if I'm just hurting all over because I'm growing. I would like an experienced opinion to help me on this one.

Thanks for reading.

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