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Default Re: Stupid (?) question about burning CD's

Originally Posted by Ryan_J
Ok, I have this little problem about burning audio CD's. Here's the situation, let's say I downloaded a torrent of MP3's of a dance CD where all the songs are mixed together. No problem, now say I want to burn it to an audio CD, Nero wants to put a space between all the tracks. So I go and select them and go change it to "0" and then there's no space, but it still kinda clicks or soemthing between the songs, it's not truly continous. AND on top of that, for some reason Nero says it has to put a 1 second space between track 1 and 2 to be compliant or some stupid thing. I have lots of bought CD's that are mixed just fine, and if I put the mp3's in a winamp playlist they even play fine with no gaps (and i dont have crossfading turned on). This is just irritating because when you play the burned CD, there's a little jumo almost like the CD skipped when the song switches. Is anyone aware of a program other than Nero that might be able to do this properly?! This is really bothering me...
First off your font colour is really hard on the eyes. Secondly, try downloading iTunes from Apple's website, create a playlist, burn it and see if you still get the same effect.

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