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Default tired/dizzy/sad?

Actually, tired problly wouldn't be the word for the past 5 days or so, i've been exhausted, i mean at first i was like, it is somthin from puberty, but then it became excessive, so i decided i was sick. a simple virus i thought, and still think. But in addition to this tiredness, i am extreemly dizzy EVERY time i stand up. for the most part i just walk it off but yesterday i couldnt, i just had to kinda...fall i, then i got a little paranoid, a lot of times i think im a hypocondriac (excuse my terrible spelling) but i think this is serious, i've talked with my mom and she keeps saying i look terrible, pale and stuff...i have on and off headaches, but i cant get a doctors appointment soon, because my doctor is quitting i guess, so some things need to be straightened out...also in addition to this, i feel kind of depressed?, i think its from the lack of energy but hey what ever...but not depressed like really sad.. i dont know it just feels weird...

<3 Katie
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