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Originally Posted by Dfsg
Yes, but 1 in 10,000 is very rare. Autism, at 1 in 130 or so, is not rare at all. When it goes from .01% to nearly 1%, something is to blame.

And arsenic in homeopathic doses, or in the naturally occuring dosage in apricots or apple seeds, is perfectly fine. I've never heard of anyone having more than a stomach ache from eating a few apples. If you say that my opinion on the matter is dangerous, it is similar to calling apples dangerous food.


but this topic is about ADD... I think that doctors do diagnose it too quickly, and too easily. I was diagnosed with it by a few doctors/psychologists, and after that time, was told by another psychologist that it was insane to think that I have it. Fun stuff in the medical world...

Seriously, its not another government ran conspiracy where they are trying to turn their hard working citizens autistic so it makes it harder for them to work....It's all to do with diagnosis criteria, which gets more or less strict as times goes on. When the diagnosis criteria changes, so do the kinds of people with the disorder. IT's only a label. It means nothing, everyone with a mental illness is not that 'label' they are individual, yet share the same traits as what is listed in a big book called the DSM.

DId you not realise, that the scientists that made that claim even withdrew it? Much like the scientist who said Exctasy (MDMA) causes brain damage and later withdrew his findings, as there was a weak link.

As i said earlier Autism has been put on a spectrum. Someone with Aspergers (or mild autism - im sure peppertech can help here) might have been considered eccentric or abit odd by other people maybe 10 or 20 years ago, but now they could quite possibly be diagnosed.

Autism is on a spectrum, the mildest form being aspergers and the most damaging being PDD (pervasive developmental disorder..) It was only recently that psychology agreed it was on a spectrum.

People with bipolar disorder may be mistaken for someone with ADHD, someone with Aspergers might be mistaken for someone who is schizotypal. Sometimse it takes years for a diagnosis.

Dfsg you can be scared of everything your whole life, and never take risks with anything, then boring would that make your life?

The news is popping out with scare stories everyday! Surely by now you must have learnt to take a subjective point of view. It was said bread caused cancer, spices cause cancer, being born in winter gives you a higher chance of mental illness.

With the advances in technoledgy, it has 'almost' been proven that mentall illness is biologically based, this was not so a few decades ago.

I've had the MMR jab and im far from autistic. Saying that 1 in 130 people is autistic.

The early studies yielded prevalence rates of under 0.5 in 1000 children, whereas the later ones showed a mean rate of about 1 in 1000. There was a marked difference in prevalence rates between those studies that included some children born before 1970 (low rates) and those that included only children born in 1970 and after (high rates). This is probably due to the lower rates obtained by use of criteria strictly based on Kanner's description of his syndrome. The US studies reported atypically low rates. There was a highly significant estimated increase with calendar year in the non-US studies (3.8% per year)."

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