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Default Re: the effed up "us of a"

Originally Posted by redcar
is this a debate?

ah now it aint the worst place, show your patriotism and look on the bright side, for example you dont like George W. Bush, look on the bright side, he has like only two years left in office, and he can never ever ever ever ever ever go for election again!!
actually, he cant run again after this term is up. then two different people have to run, and then bush could run again in four years, which sucks. but he wouldnt run again, or be elected if he did.

i agree that the us is pretty effed up right now, i'm almost embarassed to be an american at this point. it really sucks knowing that most of the world hates you just because of the stupidity of one fucked up person. i dont think there is a word in the english language that could describe how much i hate that POS george bush.
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