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Default Re: the effed up "us of a"

Originally Posted by Diego
How is this a debate.

Well i put my opinion. The U.S. Isn't as bad as some countries. Like in Africa. There are alot more people over there in poverty then there are here. More than half of Africa doesn't even have clean water to drink! Yes, I know I have complained about Bush, but I realized, if we all stopped moaning and bitching about how bad he is doing and actually supported him, maybe he would do better. Another thing to think of. He's actually helped saves many of our lives by sending troops to Iraq. Why don't you move to the smoldering country of Chad. Then you tell me if America stinks. Now seriously we have it pretty good. eh??

I have to disagree... first, you are comparing the RICHEST country in the world with countries in the POOREST continent in the world... second, what would helf bush if people suported him?? nothing!! he will do the same thing he is corrently doing.. a shit... third... he didnt save our lives by sending troops to iraq... he said there were massive destruction guns (or something like that) in iraq... where are they?? why havent anyone seen them?? in a such little country...

Originally Posted by redcar
ah now it aint the worst place, show your patriotism and look on the bright side, for example you dont like George W. Bush, look on the bright side, he has like only two years left in office, and he can never ever ever ever ever ever go for election again!!
doesnt that rocks!?

just what i think..

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