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Originally Posted by notanorchestra View Post
What I was trying to say about the Big Bang Theory and evolution is that they are not really that explanatory. They still leave the most important question left unanswered-- how did the universe start?
As said before, evolution is not aimed at explaining how the universe started so I still do not know why you continue to use it in here in this context. If you're going to do that you might as well drag in a theory of social deviance because it's just as irrelevant. Continuing to use it only shows you have little knowledge of basic scientific theories, which carries into the next part of your response.

Originally Posted by notanorchestra View Post
I can go into more depth, but that requires a discussion of quantumphysics and I need to track down some information I read from Stephen Hawking if I want to go into that. I just had a conversation about this today with my friend Charles, who is probably the most intelligent person I know, and he holds this same idea, but he just happens to be a ton more educated in the subject than I am.
Before either of us go into quantum physics level of detail, you keep asking how the universe formed in reference to the Big Bang Theory. This is a redundant question because if you know what it means, you know how it attempts to explain it. However, as mentioned above with your persistence to include evolution, it demonstrates you don't understand some of the fundamental scientific theories, and so I'm wondering do you actually understand what the Big Bang Theory is without going into quantum details?

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