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Originally Posted by Deschain View Post
I sincerely believe that when I die I am going to explode with the force of an atom bomb. This doesn't make it true.
Perception is reality. A great philosopher once said "I think, therefore I am." This means that you can only be sure of your own being, and your own thoughts. We only really see things because we percieve them as real. However, when someone percieves something differently, we consider that insanity, a different religion, or really a number of different things. There are physical boundaries to this (if you percieve that a deadly chemical is water and you drink it, you will die), but that does not mean in the case of an afterlife that one thing cannot happen. There is no known universal reality in the case of afterlife, so it is what you percieve.
There are an infinite number of perceptions of the universe. Think of it like the butterfly effect. In each alternate perception, one small change in action may have caused this giant chain of events, and even though we here see what is happening here, who can say what is going on in these alternate universes? Only those who do percieve the universe in alternate forms.
I may, in the event of my death, percieve myself as completely dead, in the ground, with no life at all, while a devout Christian may percieve me as someone in Hell, because I have no belief in a God.

Personally, I like to think of afterlife as meditation.
It is your own. Everybody reaches a meditative state differently, and through meditation, people percieve things differently.
Death is whatever you make it, so then life is also.

Because you make your death to be an explosion, you will explode. Other people may not percieve your explosion as reality, however you do, and that is really all that matters.

Originally Posted by INFERNO View Post
Evolution in no way is meant to explain the origin of the universe. It assumes the universe began through some way and that the planets, starts and other astronomical features were made somehow. It only begins either at chemical evolution or biological evolution.

The Big Bang Theory works with scientific explanations for the formation of starts, planets and such. It does not directly explain it but it does explain how the components or resources got there.

Just to understand you, you believe that just through immense rehearsal of one's beliefs, their beliefs will be manifested in reality? Do you extend this rationality to events that occur within our lives? The best example would be of the sci-fi novel and movie, The Sphere, where the researchers enter "the sphere" and discover through events that their thoughts are being physically manifested.
What I was trying to say about the Big Bang Theory and evolution is that they are not really that explanatory. They still leave the most important question left unanswered-- how did the universe start?

I cannot really say if I know what The Sphere is, because I haven't heard of it. But basically, what I said above is what I am talking about.

I can go into more depth, but that requires a discussion of quantumphysics and I need to track down some information I read from Stephen Hawking if I want to go into that. I just had a conversation about this today with my friend Charles, who is probably the most intelligent person I know, and he holds this same idea, but he just happens to be a ton more educated in the subject than I am.

"I didn't find God and he didn't come looking for me, but someone showed me Minor Threat and that was plenty good enough for me."
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