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Smile Re: i feel like im going insane

Originally Posted by 2blonde4emailzz
Thanks for all the tips. Talking helped a lot and she's been doing better since then.
Aww (-:

That is really good advice. I couldn't have said it better myself.

Originally Posted by mrojas2000
it just changes your energy, and the energy in the room...
Aah, time for a bit of what I belive in

A scientist in Japan labeled bottles of water different things. One said I love you. Another said you make me sick I hate you. Another one wasn't labeled, but blessed by a monk. I even got a picture off of Google. This is water molecules viewed under a I think blacklight microscope, but I'm not sure.

Yeah, it's the truth. He didn't freeze the water. So yes, just smiling does help. I drew a little heart on me and walked around for a day. I felt better. I drew a star. That day, my violin lesson day, was the best practice I've had. It's amazing. And that's what I belive in. Not mumbo jumbo about drawing stars and hearts all-over you and you'll be Superman. But just a taste. And you know what? Our bodies are made up mostly water. What's that percentage? 60 I think? Anywho,

The other people that posted gave so good of advice that I just back away (-: they did good. But I really hope it goes better. That's all I can say
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