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Default Re: Mutual Masturbation/Jacking with a friend

Originally Posted by tommylovers
The other day i asked my friend if he'd wank with me and we went and watched some porn and saw each other wanking. Some people say that giving a guy a blowjob is better than a handy, whats your opinion? How have you guys gotten your friends to give you a handy or head?

So, let me get this've jerked off in his presence, but not touched him yet. I'm gay, so my opinion on the matter is biased somewhat. Of course a well-done blowjob exceeds a handjob. I think this is more a matter of what's appropriate. It seems strange to me for 2 guys experimenting to just jump straight into oral, without something inbetween you know? The only time I think it would be normal would be for gay guys... just my opinion though. I'd start out with mutual masturbation, and if all that goes well, maybe another time start with your hand and just casually go down there with your mouth. I'm pretty sure he won't disagree with that, if he's comfortable with your hand on his penis.
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