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Default Re: Puberty the time to build muscles?

Originally Posted by mr_smite1
GOOD RESPONsE or just run and press ups

I agree, running can be beneficial *but* if weight loss is your ultimate goal, you have to be absolutely sure to keep your heart rate in the target range, that is 60-70% of max heart rate. And for you, that's around 130bpm. If you're in good shape this equates to a steady 5mph jog, and if you're out of shape...a fast paced walk is better. A common misconception people have is that "If I run faster, work harder I'll lose more weight". This is untrue. While training at or near your cardiovascular limit does have certain advantages such as increasing your VO2max (your body's overall capacity to use oxygen), and lactase tolerance (your body's ability to fight muscle fatigue), it's not beneficial for weight loss because when you train too hard, it burns primarily glycogen (sugar) stored in your body...the type that's supplied by drinks like Gatorade. You'll find you "crash" after this kind of workout. When you reduce your training intensity to a "fat burning" heart rate your body burns 85% of it's energy as body fat. SO, in summary you'll lose far more fat in a 15 minute brisk walk than say a 10 minute all-out run. Both excercises have their benefits, but it's best that you know this so you're not disappointed and discouraged.

Hope this helps...
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