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Default Re: Is this form of masterbation normal?

Originally Posted by mr_smite1
masturabtion is only wrong if it is un-ethical. Like doing it ova ur sis or wit a cat.

Originally Posted by superfrank89
When I reach the climax I hold back repeatedly and then finally let go but it feels like it kinda just flow out rather than blast out
That's not really good if it flows out. I did that, and it just felt wrong On jackinworld, it says not to hold anything in. I trained myself to have a small orgasm when I'm masturbating. Just before I would be done, I stop my hand and well I just trained myself to have a small orgasm, without having cum come out, but also without having to hold it back. I don't know, maybe I orgasm before I ejaculate I have no clue but anyway don't hold it in, it should shoot or drip, not just flow out. If you're not doing that then my mistake

Anyway, everything is fine. Porn, eh fine. Oh, and that raising your legs to have climax, I can't reach orgasm or can't masturbate easily without laying down. I can sit, but not stand, bend over, squat, nothin' ecept lay down or infront of the monitor
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