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Originally Posted by Ryan_J
Aaron, in your post you didn't say how old you are. To the best of my knowledge, your penis should begin to grow actually at-or-around the same time as the first appearance of pubic hair. This varies greatly from one person to another... As for underarm hair, that varies even more and I have a 16 year old friend who barely has I wouldn't worry about that part. Your penis though, well again without knowing your age it's hard to tell. It's possible that due to some condition, you started growing hair at an early age, or I hate to say this it is also possible that you simply have a small penis. Size varies greatly, and yes I would say in my experience that anything between 5 and 6 inches is normal, anything much more than that is large. But remember that for every person with a 7 or 8 inch penis there are probably an equal, or bigger number of people with 3 or 4 inch ones!
Stop being so smart.

XD j/k

Originally Posted by kcstarman44
it's grown aaron you just dont notice it because it's going slow
Originally Posted by pinkcar
Well, your not the only one in your position. It will grow, puberty doest really end till around 21 years of age. It will grow. Just give it some time, patience is a virtue.

Originally Posted by Rooster
I watch it grow like I'm watching the paint dry or something. I'm trying to beat the clock (Among other things). That's a good way to go through life, just have fun no matter how hard it gets, no matter who wins or loses.

All of this is true! Puberty usually end around age 21. Far off? You're 14, so that's 7 years. During puberty, your body grows at different rates, all over. Penis goes up, your arms and legs grow, and all of the sudden, your penis looks smaller. It's porportional O_o It's perfektly fine to be nervious about puberty, everyone is. Your penis will definatly grow Besides, mine has slowed down a bit. I started puberty at 11 1/2. My penis was 4.5 inches. At 12, It was 5.5 O_O

Now it's still there, at that exact same size. So it'll grow. Alot of people hate to wait. But like Andy (pinkcar) said, Patience is a virtue. It's something that is learned, and important.
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