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I guess I am agnostic, or Buddhist without the spritual concepts. I don't really know if there is or isn't a higher power, therefor I will not claim that I know that there is one. I find all religions ignorant, because there is no proof at all. Whether you believe in the Big Bang theory, that does not explain where the stars/ planets/ whatever came from for this to happen. Evolution does not explain the origion of the universe.

I think that if you have a sincere belief in something (religiously), it is true. If one sincerely believes that they will stay in the ground and rot after death, and their soul with die with them, then that will happen. If one believes their soul will go to the Christian Heaven, then that will happen.

"I didn't find God and he didn't come looking for me, but someone showed me Minor Threat and that was plenty good enough for me."
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