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Default Re: Cutter how should i tell

[QUOTE=Guru Guy]It is interesting to hear people talk about cutting that don't do it - you just don't get it.

Guru, if you actually read my post you would see I do get it. I got her to quit for like 8 months, but things started getting tough again, and old habits came back. Therefore, you are the one drawing conclusions. And that's a load of bull shit. Cutting has no benefits. It's only downhill both ways. Being self destructive does nothing to save you. You are only fooling yourself, because punching holes in your skin isn't going to make the world smile on you. You act like you're just getting rid of a head ache, but you don't even seem to realize how much your hurting yourself and the people around you. Like what happened to me and Progamer9515.

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