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Unhappy How to tell if he likes me

Ok I've asked this question before I think, but I have new things to say and ask. Here it goes:

I met this guy at this music boarding school. I had a little crush on him but he was so shy I thought he didn't like me. Or maybe he did. One time I caught him looking at me out of the corner of my eye. Sometimes he would catch me talking about him to one of my friends and he'd just sit there and stare at me. I think he was nervous? I thought he didn't like me because he never talked to me, so before I knew it I also had a little crush on his friend, who spoke to me often and seemed like he was interested. Then my crush left school and gave me his music book, which was really expensive. And now we're going to college together next year. I tried to call him and get help, because he's a year older than me and we play the same instrument. So I called to get help from him about the school that I would be attending. When he do talk, I make him laugh without knowing it and I can hear him smile when he speaks. He doesn't answer the phone that much, and soon I got the impression that he just didn't like me. So I stopped calling him for the fear of irritating him. Him and I both know this other boy who used to go to boarding school with us too. I called his friend for help and confessed that I thought I was irritating the both of them. My friend laughed a little and said "I don't think you could do that." Maybe my friend knows something I dont about how my crush feels about me? The both of them go to school together and next year I will be joining them. Does this guy like me? He's so confusing I can't tell. One moment he's talking to me and laughing, the next he won't answer my calls and seems like he dissapeared. What do I do?

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