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Default Re: Puberty the time to build muscles?

Originally Posted by super_frank89
I don't have a good weightlift for bench-press but I have a 8kg concrete dumb-bell so I tried to use it as a bench-press but the only place I feel the strain is the part between my elbow and shoulder, And its not the top where the huge muscle bulk is supposed to be. Its the underneath.. There is no strain on my chest

Then I do crunches and then doing some taekwondo leg stretch.. just wanna know if those would help me develop my muscles or help me lose weight because I'm currently 4kg off-scale
It sounds like you're working your triceps, which is on the back of the arm, and you're thinking of the biceps. Believe it or not, your triceps should be equally bulky. To get built you need to work out all of them. Use that weight and do seated curls to work out your biceps. Bench press, however puts more emphasis on muscles like your pecs and triceps. For all intensive purposes you're better to do pushups for this.
These upper-body excercises you're talking about, along with the crunches and stretches won't do much at all for weight loss I'm afraid. Remember that muscle weighs more than fat, but by building muscle PROPERLY, you'll lose fat, gain muscle and increase lean body mass which is lowering your body fat percentage. It's not the weight that matters, BMI is useless. It's the body fat percentage, it makes no allowance for someone with more than average muscle.
If you really are interested in losing weight though, what you need to do is get yourself to a gym...maybe your school (well, after the summer) or the YMCA and get yourself doing cardio. Bring your heart rate up to the fat burning zone on a machine, and do this for NO LESS than 30 minutes, NO LESS than 3 times a week. Do this for 2 weeks and I guarantee you'll see a difference. Combine this with your strength training and you'll start to feel really energized about your workouts! Also eat a nutritionally balanced diet rich in complex carbs and protein, and low in fats.
My dad has gotten me into this fitness stuff since, he's a police officer and he works out a LOT. I mean, like he runs 5 miles a day and spends 2 hours a day at the gym. So despite what I might think about him for other things, he's taught me a lot about fitness!

Hope this helps!
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