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Default Re: New mod in puberty

Originally Posted by Kiros72
The male moderators are not conspiring to take over the site... O_o Like I said earlier, if, and only if, someone asks Lloyd and he agrees will he be replaced. He's a very experienced moderator and I will not have him replaced simply because he's having personal issues that are keeping him from showing up. I really think it's unfair to judge him so quickly - or at all. Though I can't expect that everyone would empathize entirely the way I'd hope.

So, if someone is willing to ask him, and if he agrees, I'll see if I can set up an opening.
He has dissapeared at least twice before for long lengths of time, and he is hardly experienced, he has been a mod for about a month or two max.
The more I think about it, the more I think removing the puberty forum would be a good idea, although it would loose us many active members who join for puberty, then move to the rest of the site.
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