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Default Is this form of masterbation normal?

I sit in front of my monitor watching porn while sitting on my chair(soft) and then I lay as low as I can then raise my legs on the table kinda like doing crunches when flat on the floor, I use a fabric to cover my dick and then start..

When I reach the climax I hold back repeatedly and then finally let go but it feels like it kinda just flow out rather than blast out

So I tried a new form, I lay face flat on the bed with some unused fabric for my dick to rest on so that I don't dirty the bed. I used the backhand method but even for about 35 minutes, I feel no sign of reaching the climax!(while fantasizing)

Then I flip over and pull my legs upwards but the "palm" of the foot clamped together and start to rub using a farbric and I soon reached climax.. So I held back turned over and carry on for about 30secs before it came out.. This time it blasted out..

Does watch porn while masterbating and raising legs to reach climax abnormal?
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