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Default Re: Cutter how should i tell

Originally Posted by Diego
As much pleasure you might get out of cutting, you ruin yourself. Because once you get over that problem. You still may feel that need to cut. Damn it I lost a friend who cut in secrecy. Damn..
Is hurting yourself worth it though? What have you accomplished? All you're doing is creating more problems for yourself and others. You just need learn to love yourself.
It is interesting to hear people talk about cutting that don't do it - you just don't get it.

Cutting isn't like going the the beach or hanging out with friends. We don't get pleasure out of it. We get relief (of course, relief can be pleasurable, but relief is really more accurate). Imagine that you have a splitting headache and you take some pills and it goes away. That is relieving and consequently pleasurable. But if you didn't have a headache, would you take the pills? No.

Rooster, I don't get what you mean when you say is cutting worth it. It makes it sound something like smoking pot but losing friends/relationships because of it - is it worth it? It is worth it to cut because without it we would literally not be able to function like a normal person. Imagine being in constant mental torment. Cutting maybe lost your ex-fiance you, her friends and more, but without cutting she would have lost even more.

Cutting is about living and coping, not about having a good time. Obviously there are better ways of doing it, but none we have been able to use yet. It doesn't do us any good to tell us what we are losing by cutting. Most of the time we have a good idea anyways and all it does is make us want to cut more. We just can't say, "yeah you're right, it is costing me too many friends or jobs or family, I'll stop". First of all we need to learn how to deal with things in healthy ways.

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