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Default A very embarassing question

I am fast approaching 17 this year and my dick isn't circumcised and it erects to a maximum length of 11cm to 12cm which is somewhere along 4 inches

Is that normal? because I see my friends un-erected dicks are about 2 inches and 1 half.. And many people tell me that the foreskin would eventually be able to be pushed all the way to the end of the glan

I tried pushing mine back but it only showed the opening and wouldn't go any furthur back.. or it will start to hurt

And also, What is a correct way to wash the underneath of the foreskin when not erected? I tried psuhing it back but it would hurt my glan alot when anything touches it

NOTE: I just tried to pull it back and it did get stretched beyong the opening but then semen I think, One drop came out.. It's transparent and sticky but not anything like what I ejaculate whening masterbating

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