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Default Re: New mod in puberty

We don't need to keep everyone But it would be nice to have some new members that stay. I'm not saying that ANYONE has to. But if they want they can. My greeting was just for if you want to stay but are intimidated or it might encourage someone to stay. People come in and out every single day.

Our puberty forum isn't the best. BUT NEITHER IS GOVTEENS! There must be one site that's dedicated to puberty. That one might be the best. Govteen has very helpful things in their puberty forum. But do you want this site to die? We shouldn't reffer someone to Govteen just because it has a better puberty forum. Our puberty forum is great as it is. Nothing's the best. You'll never be the best at anything. Nobody will, noTHING will. But so far, I'm happy with our forum because alot of people come in here to get help, we help them, and they're on their marry way. Plus, think of the people who are just guests that come around in VT and search for things. Everything helps.

Now we could reffer the Psyciatric people to here, but this is more of a community now. It isn't just a place for people to post about how crazy they are. VT has grown.

Ooo I'm having a preminition...
Originally Posted by The Furture O_o
how the fuck would you know how it's grown?
I've read around enough to know. I read the very early times to very recent times. From the tones in what people type and what's posted in here, what people way about VT in VT itself, I know that it's grown. It doesn't take a to know.

Yeah, it's problematic. But it works.
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