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Default Re: New mod in puberty

I think its selfish to keep anyone girl or boy here to use the puberty forum just so our active members can have a SLIM chance of increasing
we all know dam well that govteens puberty section is HUGE they would have access to ALLOT more then we could ever offer.
If VT's still what it used to be a site dedicated to helping people, then its wrong for us to try and keep them here instead.
Not to mention VT's losing track of what it was originally created for
welcome to the PSYCHIATRIC ward
I mean don't get me wrong I have no problem with a general discussions forum, music forum, etc... those are there for us to just hang out but the puberty is another forum where the main drive is for information thats hard to get in the real world.
The puberty forums takin over VT and its not even a very good one
for the most part the info given here is vauge and sketchy at best. Govteen has the ability and thetools at hand to truly help them
we dont
GovTeen Puberty Section ~clicky~ ...I mean honestly

not to mention thats the single most problomatic forum on VT
and the forums for which this site was created always seem to come in last when planing this site
am i the only one that thinks thats bad

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