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Originally Posted by ***JG***
what are subscriptions?..
You can subscribe to a thread. This allows instant, daily, or weekly notification through email. Also, you kindof subscribe to the thread when you post in it. You can make the option to email informing, but you don't have to. I'm active enough to were email's too slow! And if you're away from VT, if you want a specific topic to be sort of "watched" then you can go to that topic through the email messege. Also if you're browsing the site and it gets heavy traffic, if you have a messenger, it'll notify that you got a message while you're busy browsing the forums.
You can also do this with PMs too. (Kiros also told me about how the Who's Online page sometimes refreshes, so you can just keep a window open for that instead of a messenger. I use that when the auto-refresh works )

Now the reason I say just posting in a forum is kind of like subscribing to it is that it shows up on your user control panel. I'm swamped because I was gone for...a week about?

My thoughts on this idea of Andy' comment
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