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Exclamation Re: New mod in puberty

*Dizzy* How long was I gone? We have two new moderators, Cody and Loki. I'm gonna have to search around. Umm...ok let's see here.

Alex (redcar) stole (Alex how dare you ) a puberty survey from Govteen for girls. So far it hasn't been used. So maybe we should divide the surveys up a little bit or prune them (which, by the way, I'm not in favor for )

What I don't like is there's too many stickys, and if we add much more there will be just a little space for the new threads. Kinda like what the TV guide channel turned into!

It would make me feel a little better that we would have a female puberty mod. The moderators are kind of like leaders (not saying that they are). I've seen that Adam and Will (at least n.n) know a little bit about puberty. Koler was once a puberty mod, and I've searched the hidden caves of the archives to find some of his intresting threads and topics.

Anyway, yes this is a community. Everybody helps, nomatter if they have a position or not. People come in and out to find some info on their problems, no matter what they are. Puberty, Bi-Polar, Gay, Debates, Schizo, Health, everything. This is why I like VT guys (& Gals ). It's so great to see people come in and maybe not be part of our family, but to learn and, find out about their problems. It makes me so happy to see the veriety of help. It's so great it's so great

I don't know what to do about the stickys. It would really be good if I did. But I don't. I think there's still a sticky that's entitiled announcement
I think that we can find out what to do about that.

But there's a couple of things that bother me. Nobody (and I mean barely none) read the announcements. The announcements are great!! They have helpful information. I remember a couple of announcments in each of the forums that have them. I usually see 48 to about 460 people who have viewed the specialised threads, and compare those to the stickys!

Back to the female moderator. That would be great. I'm really for it. Like I said, moderators lead the forums. If you had a person in a top chair who didn't know anything about what they do, would that be helpful? Sure they could lock thread and such, but we need someone who knows. TWPR (White Padded Room) is full off mods who don't post in there super often. But we're not talking about that. We're talking about puberty mods
It would be great to have one. VERY VERY SMALL things help people. Motivate them. Let's take on of the jobs.
Both Counselors on this site have a friendly tone. They have knowledge about helping people and love their job. They have a way in what they type and post that makes alot of people, at least me, feel better. (Not saying I'm kissin' up to Kiros -_-)

It's small, but it works. A small thing of having a female moderator would help/make some people think "Oh a girl mod too? Well I guess I'll post about that period "

Now here's where it get a little deep. When you think, the reason you think faster is generally because you don't think of words in your head. You might think in words, talk to youreself, but if you're trying let's say write a book, or talk to a person, you plan what you're going to say/write. But when something is a little hard to say or articulate in your head, you usually skip over it with an emotion, a picture, or don't even think it. That's what makes you think fast. Because you don't talk half or most of the time in your head.
When I think, if something is hard for me to say, my mind blotches it out. I don't know what, but it blotches it out with something so I can skip over it and finish the chain.

A female puberty mod can change and blotch out that little worry. The battle of the sexes is a ever-going battle. It's best to make it as confortible as we can make it without straining ourself too much.

But who could do such a job? I don't know. Again, I wish I did. But since I can't come up with it, you guys will help me. No, no, you won't help me, you'll talk it over and share your thoughts. Then an Admin (probably Kiros O_o) will help us sort though it even more and make the last desicion.

I hope you made it this far XD because I have a few more little worries. People need to read big posts or they'll miss out on that. BUT, if I say that, then they'll think that they need to do that. Then they'll just say eh a reading site -_- ditchin' this joint.

But you guys gotta read it. Another thing about blotching out the mind stuff. People know stickys are important. So they feel more compelled to read them, since that's what they're for. The puberty sticky/announcment is great, because it's colored, things are big, ect. It's not only instresting, it makes you want to read more.

Another thing, that "New" post count face is very intemidating. Other people might feel intemidated by the 250 face, the 1000 face, and of course the 500 face Then the other ones too. There's so many of us and we've been posting for so long that a new person comes in here with no experience, and some people arn't social, so they'll just join, ask, want to stay but are to scared/intemidated to do so. I had to push through to post count 100 to feel more grounded here. Now, I really feel like a member. Maybe we should make something more than the FAQ. Maybe in the Introductions forum, we'll make s sticky that explains how we want you here. But if we do that, don't say "Don't be scared" and just that. It should say that even though we're a big site with people who've been here longer, you can still be one of us. You can be a friend that's here forever.

And maybe it won't be that. AAAHH swo0ze789 . m,i34,mxcf

Still, I gave my point, I hope you read it O_O And I always hope it helps. I love VT forever :- )
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