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Lightbulb Re: I think i'm Bi-Polar

It's good that you're putting up with it
I come to VT because everybody here is nice, and they come here for support. Helping people is a way to help yourself sometimes, too

You hear alot of people talk about sports, because well, sports is very big! But I am soo bad at sports >_< and if I kick the ball badly, yeah they laugh. But I don't let it get to me. Because if you let it get to you, they can minipulate you into yelling at them in class and then you get in trouble.

Like, you're sitting in class. They do something to annoy you for the 5th time today -_-
You feel like it's your last straw and yell at them, disrupting the class. The teacher sends you down the the office, where you know what'll happen.

If you just ignore them, and they keep doing it, you can raise your hand and calmly complain to the teacher.
Now, calmly isn't a word EVERYONE likes to use or hear. Basically don't just go up to the teacher and say "***** IS BEING AN ASS HOLE GET HIM OUT OF THIS CLASS "

The best thing to do is expose the bullies. See, bullies bully you so they can:
1) feel good about them selfs, i.e since they feel bad about themselfs, they bully you to think something like "hey, he's feelin bad. Yeah, I feel better already"

2) For fun
Doesn't it feel good to torture something, to be mean sometimes? Just a little fun? Bullying is an outlet for fun. They can make you look like an idiot or laughing stock of an entire school.

and 3)... umm...dang I can't think of one

If you expose them then they'll have to come up with something to say. Not alot of people like to be on the spot.

Try to have some good days so the teacher can trust you. Then when the bullies bug you in class, you raise your hand, and tell the teacher what's going on. By raising your hand, the bullies have to either give the puppy-dog eyes rutine and/or blame something on you, or they say "yeah ok..." and then do it the next day.

Bullies always come back. So that's why in school try to keep a cool head, and you'll be liked by the people who arn't messed up.

But that's in the class-room. On the play-ground, I am very bad at sports. I kick worse than a girl, I kick like a naked-mole-rat. But it doesn't get to me. I think "hey, if I kick balls enough (hah see what I did there? ), then I'll get good at it".
Practice doesn't make perfekt, practice makes you better. People are on the top of the rung, but they get kicked off very easily. It just keeps going and going.
I remember the 2001 world series of baseball (I hate baseball and I'm bad at it
). The New York Yankees are a very good team, almost never defeated I heard. The Arizona DiamondBacks barely won, but they did. And the yankees were spoil sports about it. BUT THEY"VE ALREADY WON LIKE HOW MANY TIMES? (I heard alot n.n)

If you don't even kick the ball to them, it's no big deal. They get mad, it's like hey. Who cares? They're mad. I'm not I'm as happy as a cat in a tuna factory

But if they need their ball, and ask nicely, you can give it to them. But if they're mean, they'll never get anything in life. Because people like happy people. Nobody likes anybody mean.

As for the uhh....Ugly girls?
If those guys are into ugly girls then at least they're not the best you'll ever have.

I hope you read all of that because I felt like it had alot of good information in it. I really hope you read it and hope it'll help :- )
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