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Default Re: New mod in puberty

Originally Posted by DouggyO.o
with out it we wil lose possable members for the future i joined for puberty and moved onlike most of them do u think it should stay because ur just messign up what used to be the vt i knew but with all these changes it could eather fail or escalate

p.s u forgot lynne lol
What about the original VT? When I joined there wasn't a puberty forum but people kept posting in TWPR so one was created. This wasn't meant to be a puberty site and whether or not it attracts new visitors we could just redirect the to Gov or P101 and the members who want to join for what VT actually is can stay. But there's no need for someone to come along, ask one question that's been answered a millon times making every spelling error possible then never return to the thread.

Granted, you were an exception and your a nice guy too but most people who come for the puberty forum will never come back.

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