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Default You really know how to hurt me.

so my dad calls me this morning and tells me to go to my school and get my options for the classes i failed.
i told him i dont want to go beucase i already no my options, i can go to summer school for only science and english becuase the rest of my marks are too low.
then i otld him i'm not going to summer school i'd rather take it over again.
he says i dont care your going.
i told him i'm not.
"fine if you dont go then pack up your stuff and move back to your moms"

then he hung up.

ok yes i'm really angry right now so i might be a little harsh on him but,


god. he knows exactly how to hurt me but he doesn't think it hurts my feelings.
living at my moms was one of the most destroctive areas of my life.
and the deal was that if i move to my dads i'd get good marks.

i failed everything but one course.
i told him i'd get good markks if i was happy, and i told him he needs to get me therapy but of course he doesn't so nothing happeens i just sleep all day, nothing changes.
and if i tell him that i asked for therapy becuase i wasn't happy and it would help me he'll just say the same thing he always says "stop using that as an excuse".


i hate him so much right now.
i know its childish but i dont give a fuck about him right now i'm staying out all night tonite just to fucking piss him off. i hope hes fucking happy.
this really isn't about summer school. its about him being a fucking idiot and threating to put me back in my moms, and that fucking hurts, he either wants me there or he doesn't.

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