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Default Re: Where to start :(

Aw geez, I can't believe I overlooked this post. Sorry to hear you've been feeling bad. Glad you're feeling better.

Josh, because you made this site, you are awesome. You know why you're awesome? Cuz you're awesome. When I found this site, I got better instantly knowing there are other I could reach out to and vice versa.

Listen, this is gonna sound weird, but hey, I'm weird. Josh, you are my babycakes, ok? From now on, you are not Josh to me, you are babycakes. (or would you like me to change that nickname? up to you)

and when you feel depressed again, everyone here is going to come to YOU. am I right?

Actually, you kno wat? calling you babycakes is kinda weird....I'll stick to Josh...
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