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Default Re: I think i'm Bi-Polar

Originally Posted by RowanVer.3.0
Here's how it works when you're getting bullied-you can either flee or fight.

Fleeing-Fleeing apparently works for some. You just ignore the person. I personally wouldn't be able to.. But yeah, the fleeing method for physical bullying is running I guess.

Fighting-Fighting.. Just how it sounds. Just fight back. Make fun of them. If you have to, and have no other way, kick the shit out of them. Remember, it doesn't matter if you win. Personally, I'd rather get my ass kicked than just let somebody make fun of me all the time.
Fleeing- I cannot flee because these retards are in my class. Everyone hates them but knowone is game enough to accually stand up to them. They piss off everyone and only the teachers stop them.
Fighting- Lets just say i'm not the fighting type. If someone picks a fight with me only my friends back me up by standing up for me. If I even tried to fight I would get my ass kicked anyway because i'm weak as piss. Evem so the bulliers are twice my size.

Luckily my friends in the playground are year 9 - 10 so I accually have some people that are stronger than these sons of bitches who piss me off so bad.
The bad thing is my group is right next to all the stuck up pricks that play football all recess and lunch so they usually go "CHUCK US THE FUCKING BALL" and stuff like that. But seriously I couldn't kick a ball if my life depended on it so when I do kick the ball I kick it a few feet and they just crack up laughing. But if I leave the ball it pisses them off and they yell at me and shit even more.
They hang around with all the sluts that are so fucking ugly they think they're hot. And all the manwhore guys try to impress them because they want a fucking so they yell at me and my group to try and get it in with them.

Yes, my life at school sucks but I just put up with all the shit and hope I can come back to life on my computer as soon as I can.
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