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Default Re: ADD/ ADHD with OCD

wow thats what happened to me they couldn't deal with my issues so they sotpped calling for more appointments.. I hope to get help once i'm away from family, i'll probably do that. unfortuantely there is no way to avoid my family, i'm stuck with them for 3 more years. i am 16, and i can't move out, i'd have no where to go. Most of my family is way far away, and they woulnd't take me in... when my uncle was diagnosed with bipoloar disorder and was in and out of hospitals, got addcited to drugs, they let him go homeless.. next year i will find my brith parents, and well i'm not so sure what condition they are in if i do find them if its safe to live with them for a few years, or if they want me back into their lives.
as of right now the cons win, but in the futue because i want help, i'm going to get it once i can. im sorry yoru parents are like mine, and you've gone through similair situations...
depending on what the side affects are i'd be willing to take it.. i just remeber being on ADHD meds and feelings like i wasn't there, i was a robot.. with no emotion.. i odn't want to feel that way again, i like being myself, i feel as if the mds took away my childhood.. i've tried a lot of meds for it had to be put on a heart moniter for it speeding up my heart, no sleep, not eating, depressed, anxious. i'm ok with no sleep and not eating.. i'm fine with tht.. its just the other things.. but i'm willing to try and see a professional in the future oonce i can. thank you for you help
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