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Originally Posted by kolte
You guys. Are you serious? Your argument is forever flawed. You are all being hypocritical (spelling?). You argue that you are against second hand smoke because of its health risk, but you don't look at the hundreds of other products sold in the US and other countires that are twice + as harmful. Carcenogenes found in cig's can also be located in water, mcdonalds burgers, tissue paper, automobile smog, and well....everything in the world has...some carcenogenes (cancer causing material). So blame the lung cancer and heart disease on cig's but unfortunatly these illnessess can also be the cause of the america life style. Laziness, and ill food habits. I'm sorry, but don't expect to live past 40 if you eat shitty food every day. Don't expect to live past thrity if your watching telivison for over 5 hours in one sitting. Or if you sit in front of the computer for prolonged peridos. McDonalds, Burger King, Wal-Mart, Dollar Store, and the Mini Mart, Quickstop is not going to mold you into a super model. It will only contribute to your obesity, or your heart condition, or your lung failute. Stop putting all this attention on smoking when its not the problem. I laied down facts. Japan, the largest smoking population percentage of any countries in the planet, but also some of the loest lung cancer and heart disease numbers of any country on the planet. What does this conclude at least to me? It tells me, and you too, that while smoking is not healthy, at least in the United States the number of deaths in relation to smoking are highly exaggerated. In fact, I wouldnt be suprised if they have been stretched by as much as 300000 deaths per year. So yeah, smoking is bad, hell, it kills and hurts people. But if you eliminate it, your not saving yoruself. Your not helping the numbers of death. Your anti smoking capainges have lowered the number of smokers greatly. From what, something near 60% in the 50's 60's to now about 30% 40%. So, in relation to the population....less people as a % should be dying of lung cancer and heart disease right. Well, it just so happens that more people are dying of lung cancer and heart disease in relation to a percentage of the population. So you loose. Not because I win, but because you cant prove your case....I can prove mine. Who cant say that cig's are harmful. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure that one out. But to prove how harmful they arent....that takes class lol.
McDonalds isn't forcing their food upon people who don't want to eat. McDondals may be there, yes, but you don't have to go in there and eat there food. It's an option. The government is not taking away your right to smoke, so don't put words in their mouths! They are protecting the rights and health of people who do not want to smoke, and I, as a non-smoker, think its wonderful that I no longer have to worry about breathing second hand smoke everywhere I go. People can still smoke on the sidewalk outside of the mall or the movie theatre, and I have to inhale that.

Also, people have taken the whole "free-country" thing to amazing extremes. The idea of a free country was to protect the citizens, yes, but the idea of a government is to protect the citizens as well. Without a government, we would be an anarchy, and I wont even go into the problems of that. The government is not always perfect, no, but things would be a lot worse off without one.
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