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Ok, Charlotte, do you have any geek friends that could take a look at your RAM? If you are comfortable with opening up your PC's case, look for the RAM slots. Are the slots about the length of your index finger, or are they about an inch or two bigger? If the slots are about the lenght of your index finger, the RAM should have to be tilted at a 45° angle and then slid out. If the slots are longer, then there should be two "clamps" or switch-like things at each end of the slots. If you are completely sure you can do this, make sure the computer is completely unplugged, then pop out a stick of RAM by pushing down those clamps (really, the stick should just pop right out). If you do go ahead with this, make sure you remember the way the RAM went in (because it can be confusing for first-timers). Handle the stick by its thin edges - do not touch any gold/silver pins or chips on the stick. Now, look where the pins are, remember if there is only one hole or if there are two holes (cut out semi-circles really). If you see a sticker on the RAM stick, read it. Also try and read any text printed on the chips. Slide the stick back in the way you took it out. Very carefully, apply pressure the the top of the stick (and if you can, try and pull up on the clamps ). With a little force, the stick should pop right back in. But if you think you are forcing it too much, make sure the holes (really, breaks) in the stick are lined up with the breaks in the slot. Once the RAM is back in the slot, make sure it's secure and won't fall out (if it does, it's not in correctly).

Now then, if you do not want to take that kind of risk, see if a technical friend or family member can help. Though I do warn you, if that is the only stick of RAM in the computer, and it breaks, the computer will not work at all.

Though understand, if you do want more RAM, you have to put it in your computer the same way, so you might want to try this.

If you or a friend does do what I've requested, be sure to post the details here.

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