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This is a metal song I wrote. It's kind of like Alice in Chains, Godsmack, or Metallica. The song's unnamed for now, but I guarantee you won't hear of me just on here. The song has hard metalesque verses, and the chorus is soft with hard notes on the last 2 stanzas. Please no criticisms, just read please.

Verse1: Take back what you said,
And give me what you owe me.
Fear not like you always,
Fear you can't control me.

Chorus1: Tell me please just what I said.
I live for you,
But now I'm dead.

Verse2: Tear streaked face,
Adorned with blood shed.
Rip me open,
And ease my head.
Don't even try,
To passify,
What you couldn't justify.

Chorus2: Somebody please,
Ease my throbbing head.
Look 6 feet under,
Look at me dead.

Verse3:You can only kill,
What you can't see.
You can only see,
What you make-believe.
To be true,
About you.
What you make-believe,
Is the death of me.

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