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Default Re: ADD/ ADHD with OCD

We are not that different in that sense then.

When I was 7, I was referred to CAMHS, & I've seen multiple professionals since then, these include psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists, social workers & counselors.

I have not had many good experiences with most of the professionals I've seen myself, only 2 of them all were any good & they ended up changing jobs/saying my needs were too complex for them.

All the other professionals have been very patronizing, misunderstanding, untrustworthy, down playing, & one of them I suspect was unstable.

but, I'm not giving up on professional help, I'm going to be referred to Adult Services when I turn 18 & I'm told they are a lot better than CAMHS & services for under 18s, maybe this is something you could look into for when you're older?

Just because you've had bad experiences with professionals in the past, does not mean history will repeat itself in the future. You need to keep trying to find that person who you will "click" with.

Your parents sound like the majority of my family, & I am sorry you have to deal with that too, clearly they don't understand these difficulties & are very insensitive/arrogant towards you. Is there any way this could be avoided? How old are you? Can you move out? Is there any other family member that you get on well with & who are more understanding/sensitive towards you?

There are other treatments for both ADHD & Anxiety Disorder(s) besides medication(s), however, medication(s) are there to help you cope better with these disorders, & yes, side effects are a probability, but you have to weigh it out, do the cons outweigh the pros or do the pros outweigh the cons?

I'm on medications & I get side effects but I'd rather get side effects than suffer.

Do you not agree with that for your situation?

If you are determined not to go on medication(s), then that's your choice, you don't always need medication(s) for these disorders, they can be treated with other methods, but you do need to see someone again & discuss these methods with them.

Don't give up because of a few bad experiences.

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