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Default Re: ADD/ ADHD with OCD

because i got a psycologist for Self injury, and parents well.. thy treated me differently they were meanier caled me a psycho made fun of me for it... and the psycologists in which i had never helped... so it made life actually worse for me... and i had like 3.. psycs in my life..
yes i have to see a psycologist once every 4 years to get re diagnosed so i can get longer tst times at school. she offered me meds... i said no... she offered me somoene to tlak to.. but i declined because i didn't want to go thru hell agian... see problems is i was diagnosed with sevre anxieyt disorder also... so the meds did make it i was offered meds to help anxiety and for ADD/ADHD so i'd be fine.. but that is a lot of drugs... and they have side affects....
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