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i wont hurt her
i cant explain why im thinking how i am.
but all i know is, if i dont break with ehr then she doesnt get hurt
you dont understand what shes like
i couldnt do that to her
I do love her,
dont get me wrong
i love her so much
but im just not happy anymore.
but screw it. im not gonna split with her.
anyway this forum isnt relationships so yeah

I cut last night
i hadnt cut since march 17th 2005
so pretty big deal
not major cuts
didnt even bleed
but the fact i went back to the knife
whenever im not around anyone i just collapse,
i feel depressed again.
i hate this.
I Really honestly thoguth i'd broken free from all of this
i thoguht i'd broken my patterns, no cravings in a year till two nights ago.
and my will broke on the second night

look at myself
I'm Pathetic.

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18. Come back when you stop failing.
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