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Arrow Re: New mod in puberty

Originally Posted by saucysister
I dont think you should be like "well since there were no girls then o well." if the forum cant be equalized, then they should be seperated. you can keep your male moderators and females have a leader in their own. for a time (until recently) there were only male surveys, male related stickies, and male dominated FAQs.

if no one was qualified then, how about now? males may have been all you had to work with then, but its been awhile now probaby (correct me if im wrong). if no females applied then, how can new females that may have just joined or registerd afterward get a chance?

and im not doing this for myself or anything. ive been here for 2 months and i dont want anyone accusing me of wanting this for myself
What do you mean if they can't be equalized then they should be separated? The forums are all equal. Are half the moderators girls and half are boys? No. But that does not mean that their not equal. Again, moderators do not lead a forum. They can, but then so can regular members. If you wanted complete equality, then maybe you need to see the big picture here. This website is on the internet and on the internet, anyone could lie about anything. That's not even half the problem. Another thing is, if you wanted gender equality for the moderators, then why not race, orientation, creed, religion and so on? The world is not completely equal with these things. You cannot make everything equal. Now with the internet, I guess this might be possible for a 3000 member community, but then again, it's on the internet, and anyone can say anything - even lie about their own gender. So now, once again, we have that problem.

But ya know what? That actually doesn't matter Right now, I'm a little concerned about your insecurities... Seems an all male moderator group gets you easily upset - to a point where you actually say "if the forum cant be equalized, then they should be separated." There's something incredibly to radical about that. I'm sure I'm not the only one that senses this... (Or is it just me?)

The fact of the matter is, the puberty forum is for both males and females, as is every forum in this community. The puberty moderators are moderators, it's as simple as that. They are not the entire population of the puberty forum. But no, that's not good enough for you, right? You're for the "separate but equal" kind of thing, right? That's really not what we're about here... We embrace the idea of being one community that is not separated by gender, race, religion, and so on. One community is always equal to itself.

Ah, and you brought up that the puberty forum only had "male surveys, male related stickies, and male dominated FAQs." You see, we actually had female and male surveys and FAQs (which were the stickies). But an inexperienced and ambitious moderator took the liberty in deleting every sticky (and a couple announcements) in the puberty forum. Needless to say, that was not what we wanted, but he did not want to take the time to discuss any operations, so... After a while, we got the main announcement reconstructed, but we decided to leave out most of the stickies. Some members actually came up with some surveys and FAQ content, which was added. Though again, it cannot be helped if someone did not make a female survey. If a guy creates one, then he gets bashed by the girls and called a pervert, but if a guy doesn't make one, then complaints start arising because one was not created yet? That's just wrong...

Ok, so now, this is your final unofficial warning. If you do not stop trolling around, I'll have to write you an official warning, which will get you one step closer to being banned temporarily or permanently.

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