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Default Re: The world is playing a crule joke on me

well i need more help if anyone is still posting on this.

Heather seemes to want to keep our relationship going now. Even though she knows that is was the distance that stoped us last time. Know i know that this cant work. But it would just kill me to compleatly cut all contact with her (which is what would happen, we couldn't stay friends). I really loved her company. She just seems like the girl i've been waiting for. My love life has not been the best. But it seemes to me like if she only lived down the road everything would be PERFECT.

Sometimes i feel like im not really in love with her. I've spent alot of time just trying to figure out if I really know the emotions that i am feeling. Everyone says that kids try to pretend to be adults. That we think we know whats best, but we dont. I've never seen myself like that, but i've seen some kids that are. Latly There's been a battle inside me. I haddent even concider the possibility that i could be like one of those "Stupid" Kids. But It just popped in my mind one day and i haven't been able to shake the feeling ever sence.

Just do me a favore whoever reads this. Lay down in a dark room and think about the person you said "I love you" to and then just concider the possibility that you dont. Regardless of how you feel about that person, just suppose that you think your in love because you dont know what love really is.

And to anyone who acctually does this, you are the people i would be friends with and i thank you for stepping abouve the ordinary and not leaving me alone in this.

I hate these stupid things
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