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Default Re: Homosexuality a disorder according to.......

Originally Posted by Elokyn
it's not a freakin disorder, it's a preference...omg this country pisses me off sometimes.

I would HARDLY call it a preference. Preference denotes a choice. Personally, I would prefer to be statistically normal. Life would be easier, that's for sure. But I'm not. Whether it's genetic, hormonal, psychological or whatever the cause truly thing is certain. It's not a preference. If I could choose to be straight, maybe I wouldn't be quite as messed up as I am with depression.

BUT, as for the other part about the Pentagon that is crap as well, and quite disturbing that such things are allowed to go on in the modern world. Calling it a disorder isn't quite right accurate, let me explain. To be classified as a disorder, there needs to be an abnormal condition (which homosexuality is), that causes a dysfunction or discomfort to the person affected (which it doesn't). The only negative effect on the affected person are those resulting from the behaviours of others, such as discrimination and abuse. Therefore, homosexuality can NOT be defined as a disorder or disease.

I suppose you could say that sexual attraction is an orientation, since that word doesn't have any connotation of defectiveness. Some people are gay. some people are BI, most people are straight. Some people might like peanut butter, pickle & egg sandwiches but who are we to say there's something "wrong" with that person for being different? Because our parents told us that kind of food doesn't go together?

Anyways sorry for the rant...I just feel very strongly on homosexual issues.
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