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[quote="James"]Many teens (male and female) are loosing their virginity earlier in life, even before the legal sex age. One reason is peer pressure. Do you feel there is enough places to talk face to face or to another person over the phone who will help you with this problem (ie. giving ways out of it ect)quote]

i believe that no matter how many places are avalible kids wont go and talk with those people. all of these peer pressures come from poor representaion from the media. i might have said this earlier but if a rapper was to say that he "fucked that bitch ass hoe" lasy night kids will go out and do as the rapper did. monkey see monkey do. kids will do exactly as their role models do. but kids role models are Snoop Doggy Dog and lil' john. we need to increase funds for shows like the discovery channel and the history channel so that kids can learn about better role models like Einstien, Edison, and Motzart. and lessen funds in pbs and mtv and vh1. why pbs? pbs is asking and getting like 3-5 mill. from the veiwers and like 10 mil from the gov't. what does pbs show and teach that is worth over 15 mill? any more questions?

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how bout if we get like a few memebers to run for vt prez? the entire site votes for like a week then the votes are tallyed and the winner is choosen, the winner gets to be like a global mod or a admin for a week...or somthing like that

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